Scotland have taken part in many different competitions, this includes the first international tournament in 1884 with the British Championships (Home Championships). It was 1949 when Scotland first took part in the FIFA World Cup, the main tournament in international football. Seventeen years later they took part in their first European Championships. In 2019 the Nations League was formed to reduce friendly matches, and contribute to World Cup and European Championship qualification. The World Cup, European Championships, and The Nations League make up the three competitive international tournaments. Scotland have also taken part in some friendly competitions.
British Championships
1884 - 1984
89 Competitions
Rous Cup
1985 - 1989
5 Competitions
Kirin Cup
1995 - 2006
2 Competitions
Nations Cup
1 Competitions
Brazilian Independence Cup
1 Competitions
Hong Kong Reunification Cup
1 Competitions
Qatar Airways Cup
1 Competitions