Argentina 1-1 Scotland


Sat 18th June 1977

Estadio Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires (A)
Att: 60,000


Masson(pen 77)

A Rough
D McGrain
W Donachie
A Gemmill
T Forsyth
M Buchan(C)
D Masson
K Dalglish
L Macari
A Hartford
W Johnston


Ally MacLeod


Passarella(pen 81)

H Baley
V Pernia
D Killer
D Passarella
J Carrascosa
O Ardiles
A Gallego
O Larrosa (V Trossero 70)
P Gonzalez (A Tarantini 59)
L Luque
R Houseman

Alan Rough (Partick Thistle) (13 Caps) Age: 25
Danny McGrain (Celtic) (37 Caps) Age: 27
Willie Donachie (Manchester City) (24 Caps) Age: 25
Archie Gemmill (Derby County) (20 Caps) Age: 30
Tom Forsyth (Rangers) (13 Caps) Age: 28
Martin Buchan (Manchester Utd) Captain (24 Caps) Age: 28
Don Masson (QPR) (10 Caps) Age: 30
Kenny Dalglish (Celtic) (46 Caps) Age: 26
Lou Macari (Manchester Utd) (19 Caps) Age: 28
Asa Hartford (Manchester City) (17 Caps) Age: 26
Willie Johnston (West Bromwich Albion) (15 Caps) Age: 30
 Yellow Card   Red Card   Double Booking   Goals Scored
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