Saudi Arabia 2-2 Scotland


Wed 17th February 1988

King Fahd Stadium, Riyadh (A)
Att: 35,000




J Leighton (H Smith 46)
S Clarke
M Malpas
R Aitken(C)
R Gough
W Miller (A McLeish 64)
S Nicol (J Colquhoun 46)
P McStay (G Mackay 75)
M Johnston
F McAvennie (R Connor 64)
J Collins


Andy Roxburgh

Saudi Arabia



A Al-Diayye
B Serour
S Naima
A Jamil
M Abdeljaouad
K Messad
Z Saleh
B Aboudaoud
S Al-Doussari (S Moubarak 46)
Y Jazaa
A Majed (F Hrifi 84)

Jim Leighton (Aberdeen) (40 Caps) Age: 29
Steve Clarke (Chelsea) (4 Caps) Age: 24
Maurice Malpas (Dundee Utd) (19 Caps) Age: 25
Roy Aitken (Celtic) Captain (35 Caps) Age: 29
Richard Gough (Rangers) (35 Caps) Age: 25
Willie Miller (Aberdeen) (57 Caps) Age: 32
Steve Nicol (Liverpool) (14 Caps) Age: 26
Paul McStay (Celtic) (27 Caps) Age: 23
Maurice Johnston (Nantes) (17 Caps) Age: 24
Frank McAvennie (Celtic) (5 Caps) Age: 28
John Collins (Hibernian) (1 Cap) Age: 20
Henry Smith (Hearts) (1 Cap) Age: 31
(Replaced Jim Leighton 46 min)
Alex McLeish (Aberdeen) (51 Caps) Age: 29
(Replaced Willie Miller 64 min)
John Colquhoun (Hearts) (1 Cap) Age: 24
(Replaced Steve Nicol 46 min)
Gary Mackay (Hearts) (3 Caps) Age: 24
(Replaced Paul McStay 75 min)
Robert Connor (Aberdeen) (2 Caps) Age: 27
(Replaced Frank McAvennie 64 min)
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